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Terms and Conditions

  • Fees are based on an hourly rate and the client only pays for the time taken and services provided. Time spent completing tasks on behalf of the client is accurately tracked. The cumulative time spent will be rounded up and charged to the nearest full 15-minute block.
  • All clients of Adept Admin Solutions are guaranteed that their work is handled in a confidential and secure manner. Any work produced shall be held electronically for the period of the project with appropriate backup. Archived material will be held on file for a period of time as agreed between Adept Admin Solutions and the Client, but will not be disclosed to any third parties without their specific instruction, except where necessary to comply with the requirements of any relevant legislatory body or legal warrant.
  • Adept Admin Solutions retains the right to reject work for any client, which is found to be immoral, illegal or questionable in terms of origin.
  • Adept Admin Solutions is not responsible for the end use of any document produced or edited on our client’s behalf. Clients are solely responsible for its appropriate use, including adherence to prevailing local law, relevant copyright laws, plagiarism laws and publishing notices. Whilst working on behalf of the Client, the Client agrees that Adept Admin Solutions will not be held liable for the content of any document produced.
  • Work requiring urgent deadlines of less than 48 hours or unsociable hours, i.e. evenings, weekend and/or UK public/statutory holidays may attract a 10% surcharge when specifically requested by the Client.
  • The Client accepts full responsibility for proofreading completed work. However, any errors introduced by Adept Admin Solutions will be rectified free of charge, provided that we receive notification within 48 hours of submitting completed work. Please note that final proofreading is the responsibility of the Client.
  • Fees shall be payable in full as follows:
  • Within 7 days of date of invoice.
  • Payment is to be made by bank transfer please.
  • Fees shall be held fixed for the duration of the Services unless the Client is advised of any proposed change(s) to fees in writing by Adept Admin Solutions, who shall give at least 30 days’ notice.
  • Adept Admin Solutions retains the right to request a deposit of milestone payments when necessary.
  • Payment is the responsibility of the Client, and in no way, shall be tied to any third party agreement, or failure thereof.
  • Additional expenses incurred on behalf of the Client including, but not limited to telephone, postage, and materials will be detailed in full, and charged at cost where applicable.
  • Travelling expenses charged as appropriate.
  • Visits to Adept Admin Solutions premises will not be undertaken, without prior agreement.

"I have worked with Lesley for over 15 years at Shell. Whilst being ruthlessly efficient at admin and organising complex meetings, events and conferences etc, she is a pleasure to work with. She always goes above and beyond in her efforts to make life easy for everyone. I am more than happy to recommend her and know she will provide an excellent service to her new clients".

James Donegan, Project Manager
Shell International.

“Lesley is a super-star, that’s the best way to describe her. I had the pleasure of working in a business where Lesley was our Management Assistant for many years; her diligence, capacity, attention to detail, proactivity and positive approach to work was both refreshing and welcomed! Lesley added much value in her contributions to the team, and made many interpersonal relationships with the team, including me. She helped, gave advice and problem-solved for me on many occasions. Life in Shell Lubricants UK wouldn’t have been the same without her”

Nadia Markey, Global Communications, Campaigns & Creative Manager, Shell Commercial Fleet